Time Whale Spent: Talkin’ bout Moby Dick

This time Jorge joins English professor, Kristin Van Tassel to talk about Moby Dick, or The Whale. Panned by critics at the time and now considered one of the greatest novels ever written. Everyone knows the story: Madman desperately tries to catch and kill a giant white whale, but even if you think you know it, Moby Dick holds many surprises for those who finally dare read it. Here we discuss how it surprised us, what it possibly means, and how it still speaks to our time. Join us!

Read more about Melville, his letters to Nathaniel Hawthorne, and about how critics hated his book here.

Read (or listen) to Jill Lepore’s excellent essay on Melville’s life, writings and his relationship to his home place here.

You can find Tony Morrison’s seminal writing on not only Moby Dick but whiteness in general in American literature here, or in her collection of essays: Playing in the Dark.

Check here for Rodrigo Fresán’s comments on just how modern Moby Dick is.

The article where Roberto Bolaño speaks of Huckleberry Finn and Moby Dick as two novels pointing to two distinct paths in literature is “Our Guide to the Abyss”, included in Between Parentheses.

And here’s a selection of Kristin Van Tassel’s writing.

Navidad con N de Nostalgia

Entusiastas arranca con uno de mis primeros entusiasmos: la Navidad. Historia y memorias de distintas latitudes se unen para formar una especie de paseo navideño. Incluye un cuento inédito de Karla Gasca y el piano del maestro Mario Alberto Hernández.

Ya pueden leer el cuento de Karla Gasca también: El vestido de gala.

Este episodio se hizo con información tomada de los siguientes artículos:

Y finalmente recomiendo ampliamente visitar el genial viaje pictórico compilado por The Public Domain Reveiw: A Pictorial History of Santa Claus